Traffic Goals lesser cost to start

In my long years of experienced in making money online . This year would be an expensive one.  What i mean was that  purchasing of adpacks are needed bigger amount to earn from sharing positions like  my "traffic monsoon" which was $50 to start with the adpack and earn from sharing positions.

Though i am ready to purchase many adpacks  i cannot put my resources in just one basket so there is really a need to put some money in other  revenue sharing sites because if anything happens to one site there are still more site to depend on.  So with this in mind  one revenue sharing site that i choosed was ""  This site i do believe has lesser cost for adpacks not like  "trafficmonsoon" .  is also an advertising site that offers various advertising tools as well as earning opportunities to members through revenue sharing.

Registration is needed free or upgraded but a need to purchase adpacks is a requirement to earn from revenue shares.  Buying revenue shares with a minimum of $1 will give you 2000 banners ads and 2000 text ad credits. This cost is lesser in value compare with traffic monsoon and also have more credits. 

Some details regarding adpacks, level or pool and number of adpacks per pool;  ( other FAQ ) 

So buying a lot of adpacks will surely or is the way to

earn from revenue shares.  If there is a sale of ad

packs in a pool then there is revenue sharing on that

particular pool , no sale no share. Ad credits will be

consume because it is being used for promotion. So 

in order not to lost adcredits buy adpacks or surf on 

ad credits free. 

   Adpack purchase/

     Additional  purchases of  positions ;

 As you can see with the image above it portrays purchase of positions on re-purchase or main balance its better to purchase positions because adpacks are active and earning for revenue sharing is mostly likely possible and getting bigger. 

The image shows referrals, cash balance that can be cashout ( minimum is $5), the earnings  that had grown  which were a summary of re-purchase and cash balance, the PTC earnings ( there are also PTC sites that can be click and earn) this ads up to the earnings.  You can also see the advert credits for bannersand text ad credits.  Now the goal here is to raise up the number of ad packs, reach the cap on the level then raised it up again until it reaches Plan 7.  That is the ideal,  so cashout could also be done depending on the situation.  

To sum up traffic goal is good for now and its earning ad credits could be used to promote other rev share sites or programs. The obligation to visit the site daily and click on 10 ads is religiously followed so as to be qualified for the revenue sharings. Even clicking on the PTC ads is also being done , as well as promoting traffic goals with other sites.  So come on now and enjoy the fun make " traffic goals" your mission to rev share. 


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