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How do you earn with Traffic Monsoon ?

With the latest news about Traffic Monsoon that a part of its fund was on hold with Paypal which is still being settled.  Founder Charles Scoville and members are not giving up  hope and the site continous to be  stable and growing .

Since i posted here articles about revenue shares i would like to discuss in detail how to earn on different revenue sites and i would like to start with Traffic Monsoon since i do believe this site was the initiator of the revenue sharing program which are now sprouting on the internet. 

If you want to start with traffic monsoon ,  watch the video to learn its just as easy,  as 123 ..

1. You have to buy adpacks and remember to buy ad packs with sharing positions  Before buying ad packs you have to  add a banner and remember to purchased an adpack with a shareing positions You can start as a free member though it takes time to earn without an upgrade , so the minimum amount to upgrade is  $50 where you could earn about $1 a day …

mastering the revshare site ads 2016

2016 is the year for the revenue sharing sites and there are still lots that are sprouting on the internet. On the end we will see who will be closing and or scamming , who will lose the sympathy of investors.  Whatever they are saying that its not investment or  having earnings are just bonuses , the primary aim of those joining these revenue share sites is EARNING.   Though this sites are advertising sites , the  attraction for these sites is the EARNING FACTOR.

The revenue sites are moving away from a well known payment processor , PAYPAL . Why? Traffic Monsoon  the initiator of  revenue sharing programs ,  had its account with PAYPAL closed for no known reason . Maybe they dont want a internet site to accumulate such a large amount of money in such a short time.  Other revenue sharing sites follows, all of those who had accounts with Paypal are hold for a certain period of time until investigation or recommendations. 

The holding of accounts will not deter "revenue sharing&quo…

free guides and websites for revshare members

When i started with revenue sharing sites  i was on my own to experienced and study about this new programs on the net.  For me its  again  Paid to Click (ptc) programs but with sharing revenues which were not around when i am engaging a lot with PTC.  You earn from PTC by clicking on the ads and they pay you based on  per click basis, you only earn more when you have referrals and upgrade. So in short there's no  "revenue sharings" which you get from the "revshare" sites.  

Revenue sharing are the  earnings which you get from the advertising packages you bought from the sites.  With PTC you can also buy  advertising credits or packages but its more for promoting your programs and links. There is none of  sites sharing their income from the advertising packages,  its only now that a lot of this sites are sprouting on the internet. I do believe its "TRAFFIC MONSOON" that had started this revenue sharing programs. 

As i started to be involve with revenue …