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When i started with revenue sharing sites  i was on my own to experienced and study about this new programs on the net.  For me its  again  Paid to Click (ptc) programs but with sharing revenues which were not around when i am engaging a lot with PTC.  You earn from PTC by clicking on the ads and they pay you based on  per click basis, you only earn more when you have referrals and upgrade. So in short there's no  "revenue sharings" which you get from the "revshare" sites.  

 Are you getting paid to view websites?

Revenue sharing are the  earnings which you get from the advertising packages you bought from the sites.  With PTC you can also buy  advertising credits or packages but its more for promoting your programs and links. There is none of  sites sharing their income from the advertising packages,  its only now that a lot of this sites are sprouting on the internet. I do believe its "TRAFFIC MONSOON" that had started this revenue sharing programs. 

As i started to be involve with revenue shares this last part of  2015 , i started to know "Ryan Hauser" which was greatly involve with a lot of  revenue shares.  I always see his  banners and the offer he is making . He offers to guide you on how to register with different revenue sharing sites which he is involved.  Though i was already involve  with some  just later then  that i registered on his some revenue programs.  He has always a "thurday webinar" for members so he guides every member through this  webinar . You can be a member of  his site  "MASTERING ADS"  thru this links 

 100% free register now

Register as member of any revenue sharing sites or join in with any of the revshare sites within the mastering ads system.  For me "mastering ads" or ryan hausers guides are for your revenue sites which he is the sponsor or other members within the MA. He guides the members of how to manage your revenue sharing sites, he answers your questions on his thursday webinars,  he will promote your revenue sharing programs ( upgrading your membership on MA) which he have thousands of ad credits which he is continually added daily.  Maybe in the long run you can also benefit for up and coming his own revenue sharing site. 

The image above is the mastering ads sites this is the home page when you register, You only have to follow  steps 1 to Step 3.  Now if you want to upgrade you have to be a gold members , you have to click on gold member and pay with paypal or other payment processors for  monthly membership fee. You can avail of the  campaigns of ryan hauser using his thousands of ad credits for different revenue sharing sites.  You could also register with other revenue sharing sites which are lister after you become an upgrade member.  


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