How do you earn with Traffic Monsoon ?

With the latest news about Traffic Monsoon that a part of its fund was on hold with Paypal which is still being settled.  Founder Charles Scoville and members are not giving up  hope and the site continous to be  stable and growing .

Since i posted here articles about revenue shares i would like to discuss in detail how to earn on different revenue sites and i would like to start with Traffic Monsoon since i do believe this site was the initiator of the revenue sharing program which are now sprouting on the internet. 

If you want to start with traffic monsoon ,  watch the video to learn its just as easy,  as 123 ..


1. You have to buy adpacks and remember to buy ad packs with sharing positions  Before buying ad packs you have to  add a banner and remember to purchased an adpack with a shareing positions You can start as a free member though it takes time to earn without an upgrade , so the minimum amount to upgrade is  $50 where you could earn about $1 a day without a referral. 

2. Visit the site and surf on 10 ads per day,  also click on the cash links whenever they are on 
   open on your account . Surfing 10 ads daily qualifies you for the revenue shares daily.

3. Try to refer people to traffic monsoon  and if your referral  also click on the cash links you will  get matching bonuses , clicking on cash links gives you  $0.02 per click and if you have referrals clicking on these ads you will surely have a lot of money

4. Increase your adpacks to earn more , if you want to withdraw or make a cashout the account show board will show you your balances. 

Its really that easy to earn from Traffic Monsoon 

I started with traffic monsoon as a free member and i had waited for the time to cashout and i was able to do it , cashout of  $2,  $ 4 ,  and  $5.  It takes a long time to wait for this cashout so i invested on  first $50 , then when it reaches about  $25  i  purchased again another $50 , with the other $25 from the balances . I invested my second fifty  until  the issue of Paypal  came in. 

What happened now was that  my earnings and sharing positions remained but its on hold so i just have to wait for the issue to be settled .  I continue to visit the site and surf on 10 ads and its earning though it was slow ,  so i decided again to invest  again as a start again . I noticed its not only $1  a day its more than that .  I tried to cashout and i was able to do it.  This proves that Traffic Monsoon is  continuing its business ; 

From the image above you can see my account balance as of March 19/ 2016.  It also shows that i  have a  pending earnings of  $29.085 which is with paypal.  My adpacks total is 3 , 2 from the old account with paypal as payment processor and the latest 1 adpack that i had purchased the latest which is eaning  to date is about  $10.036. 

I will be increasing my ad pack in the coming days or weeks.  To try traffic monsoon if its cashing out , i tried to withdraw the amount  which is $10.036  and i did but it was only  $5 , this just proves that  Traffic Monsoon mean business.  

Don't  procrastinate join now and start earning !!! with TRAFFIC MONSOON "


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