mastering the revshare site ads 2016

2016 is the year for the revenue sharing sites and there are still lots that are sprouting on the internet. On the end we will see who will be closing and or scamming , who will lose the sympathy of investors.  Whatever they are saying that its not investment or  having earnings are just bonuses , the primary aim of those joining these revenue share sites is EARNING.   Though this sites are advertising sites , the  attraction for these sites is the EARNING FACTOR.  

The revenue sites are moving away from a well known payment processor , PAYPAL . Why? Traffic Monsoon  the initiator of  revenue sharing programs ,  had its account with PAYPAL closed for no known reason . Maybe they dont want a internet site to accumulate such a large amount of money in such a short time.  Other revenue sharing sites follows, all of those who had accounts with Paypal are hold for a certain period of time until investigation or recommendations. 

The holding of accounts will not deter "revenue sharing" sites from continuing the business, there are other pay processor who could take over and this is the option left for the "revshare sites"

Before i encountered problems of revshare sites, i met this Ryan Hauser who i do think like to master the revshare program.  He is offering his site "mastering ads" for membership, he conducts weekly webinars and trying to help newbie or who are already in the revenue sharing programs. I was attracted to his site and register. I also registered with his other revenue programs which i dont have and also upgrade to his "mastering ads" site. Being a subscriber gives you the benefit of his advertising links where your could produced or get referrals on your own "revenue sharing site links".  There are also other benefits with the upgrade .

These are the revenue sharing sites recommended by Ryan Hauser ;

AdAxel - the best advertising website

These above banners are from the revenue sharing sites preferred by Ryan Hauser, though its up to you to register but for the "mastering ads" site click on link  HERE..


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