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Traffic Network Take Over of Ryan Hauser

One of the most promising revenue sharing site that i had know since i started with the program is "" .  Its a offshoot of the hardship of the man Ryan Hauser who is the mentor  that i  had know regarding revenue sharing programs. I knew Ryan Hauser when i stumble upon  "mastering ads"  a site that offers "free website and free training.  I register and their i attend the seminars  and knew the other revenue sharing programs which i am actively engage today. 

But now i will discuss "trafficnetworktakeover".  The name of the site is unique and with Ryans Hauser's  experienced with  revenue sharing sites and programs , he is really qualified to manage and operate his own revenue sharing program and sites.  I say sites there is another one but let's just take this one first. 

 This site is an advertising site that also give an earning opportunity. The ad packs which is $10 gives you credits banner and text credits.  To av…

Updating Active Revenue Sharing Programs 2016

I had  already written an article before about my revenue sharing sites or program for the year 2016. But i need to update a list of programs or sites since there are changes to their activity , programs and also  recommendations from our mentor Ryan Hauser. 

Here are now the Active Revenue Sharing Programs , April 2016 onwards;

Traffic Network Take Over  
This is the latest revenue sharing program owned by Ryan Hauser, This is highly recommended cause every member can directly ask the owner about the program. Not like other revenue sharing sites you dont know the owner. Ryan Hauser is also very actively participating with the other programs and also a consultant with the said program. This site was generally establish to help people who are not earning online and will surely learn how to put their business for a long time.  ( websitetrafficfactory) is also another revenue sharing program or site owned by Ryan Hauser though its not active yet …

Get Paid Social no good experienced

Image a site owned by Jeff Long in my owned experienced is a no good site. 

I  am saying this because of what had happened to the site which is not my expectation. Though this is my first time to be with  Jeff Long's  program,   I did not know that his program would be a mess. 

I had some bad reviews with his other programs and also with the latest getpaidsocial but I did not listen to the what the bad reviews was saying but the latest development with the site had proved that it's not worth to register. 

Why am saying this?

When I  registered with the site , it was all full of energy , enthusiasm and  everybody were  pumped up.  I did not know that all the hype which had many members had swarmed to the site and earned with the rushed was only a beginning and  gradually dies down. 

I did not earn with the site actually I do not have the necessary downlines to get back my membership . When things are not  good anymore  when a lot of members are not posting links for all …