Get Paid Social no good experienced a site owned by Jeff Long in my owned experienced is a no good site. 

I  am saying this because of what had happened to the site which is not my expectation. Though this is my first time to be with  Jeff Long's  program,   I did not know that his program would be a mess. 

I had some bad reviews with his other programs and also with the latest getpaidsocial but I did not listen to the what the bad reviews was saying but the latest development with the site had proved that it's not worth to register. 

Why am saying this?

When I  registered with the site , it was all full of energy , enthusiasm and  everybody were  pumped up.  I did not know that all the hype which had many members had swarmed to the site and earned with the rushed was only a beginning and  gradually dies down. 

I did not earn with the site actually I do not have the necessary downlines to get back my membership . When things are not  good anymore  when a lot of members are not posting links for all the members to  view  ads,  when members are requesting for payments and when good earning started to fall down.  All the admin had to say was that everything is being given solutions. 

Solutions were  that some had been given payments,  some had been given a returned of their money and  another solution was to pay more for another program surveys and also a training on snapchat but  even then this additional programs did not resolve anything. and everything comes to a closure. 

I felt some problems when initially I was requesting for my excess monthly membership fee but this was not addressed and all the owner can say was that we don't have to complain.  As if we owe to Jeff  that we are on his site and we have to follow him because he is that great that he can solve all the problems with his site.  But he cannot , all his positivity did not overcome the difficulties of the program.  

This was Jeff's  problem with the site as was stated; 

   --------------- this is just a part of his positivity that does not resolve the problem regarding
       his merchant provider , this had been a secret that he does not reveal that he had some problems
      his  merchant providers ...........................................................................................................

      ------------------------- his solution is not about the program but about payment processor, it means
      that  he is having problems with his credibility with payment processors,  i was thinking before
      that he has some problems with Paypal but he did not ansewer this , but it is and what he is
      saying that those who were members before will be re instated and pay a minimum of $4.97 a
      month and additional one time $10 ,  this is not what he is asking .......................................



All i can say was that i am done with the program though i  had lost some money but i had learned some lessons with regards to new programs . 


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