Traffic Network Take Over of Ryan Hauser

One of the most promising revenue sharing site that i had know since i started with the program is "" .  Its a offshoot of the hardship of the man Ryan Hauser who is the mentor  that i  had know regarding revenue sharing programs. I knew Ryan Hauser when i stumble upon  "mastering ads"  a site that offers "free website and free training.  I register and their i attend the seminars  and knew the other revenue sharing programs which i am actively engage today. 

But now i will discuss "trafficnetworktakeover".  The name of the site is unique and with Ryans Hauser's  experienced with  revenue sharing sites and programs , he is really qualified to manage and operate his own revenue sharing program and sites.  I say sites there is another one but let's just take this one first. 

 This site is an advertising site that also give an earning opportunity. The ad packs which is $10 gives you credits banner and text credits.  To avail of the earning opportunity you have to view 10 ads everyday.  The minimum purchase for the ads is  $50 and a membership of  $10 monthly.  

Earning Opportunity #1 - Referral Commission:

As an incentive for promoting the services offered in our site, we offer all our members 25% referral commission on all Ad Packs Purchased made by their direct (Levels 1,2,3,4 only) referral. Level 1 - 10%, Level 2 - 7%, Level 3 - 5%, Level 4 - 3%, referral commission is distributed as 30/70-CashBalance/Re-purchase Balance.  we also offer all our members 25% referral commission on all upgrade packages Purchased made by their direct (Levels 1,2,3,4 only) referral. Level 1 - 10%, Level 2 - 7%, Level 3 - 5%, Level 4 - 3%, referral commission is distributed as 30/70-CashBalance/Re-purchase Balance.

Earning Opportunity #2 - Profit Sharing:

We share profits (excluding 25% that is paid as referral commission and an additional Admin Fee) from every Adpack Purchased, with all members who have purchased Adpacks from us. Each $10 value of Adpack gives you 100 Business Directory Credits.
Please note that this earnings depends on the sales of Adpacks. We cannot and do not guatantee any earning or speed of earning from profit sharing.

For Upgraded Members 

AdPack-Plan 1: $10 share maturing at $12.00 (120% Returns) 
AdPack-Plan 2: $25 share maturing at  $30.00 (120% Returns)
AdPack-Plan 3: $50 share maturing at  $60.00 (120% Returns)

I know that a rev share income worker is always eyeing on where you can earn for your ads so to make it more  enjoyable here is an explanation from Ryan Hauser  how you can see your earnings ; 

  In the video "mastering ads training"  here Ryan is discussing about the use of credit cards,  in here he mentioned how you can use your credit card and also profit in the end and even paying your credit.  In this discussion you can determine how much you should be purchasing regarding ad credits or how many adpacks so your on profit or lots of cashbacks. 

In my experienced with TNT , i started March 22, 2016 and had purchase about 31 adpacks and had been active ever since, purchasing ad credits when the cashback can afford so its increasing and later on i can buy more and cashout more bigger.  

I am confident with TNT  because as a member of  TNT , i am directly talking to the owner. The owner provides training  every thursday so  whatever the problem with the site or program he can readily relay it to the members aside that  TNT has a facebook account.  The program as describe by the owner is transparent not like other rev share site that you do not know the owner.  He is on hand with the program ,  he describes the program  that its a training ground for   members to build their own business in the long run not s  quicky program that is only active for a short period of time.   So this reasons are vital and i  can feel the sincerity of Ryan Hauser .  



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