Updating Active Revenue Sharing Programs 2016

I had  already written an article before about my revenue sharing sites or program for the year 2016. But i need to update a list of programs or sites since there are changes to their activity , programs and also  recommendations from our mentor Ryan Hauser. 

Here are now the Active Revenue Sharing Programs , April 2016 onwards;

Traffic Network Take Over  
This is the latest revenue sharing program owned by Ryan Hauser, This is highly recommended cause every member can directly ask the owner about the program. Not like other revenue sharing sites you dont know the owner. Ryan Hauser is also very actively participating with the other programs and also a consultant with the said program. This site was generally establish to help people who are not earning online and will surely learn how to put their business for a long time. 

https://www.websitetrafficfactory.com/ref/22  ( websitetrafficfactory) is also another revenue sharing program or site owned by Ryan Hauser though its not active yet but there are already almost a hundred members,  join the site now to get an early commision. 

LikesXL Bitcoin
 This is a very new program that is based in Europe this particular site is focus on bitcoin payments and earnings. So there is a need for members to register with blockchain.org or other site that is active on bitcoins. The other LikesXL  is using dollars or other currencies but not bitcoin,  so you can also register with the other site or both. 

Traffic Monsoon 
Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program
I consider TM or traffic monsoon the initiator of revenue programs because when it was established a lot of revenue sharing programs  sprouted online and when i learned about this program i get really interested becaused it really is promoting your owned programs and at the same time you are earning.  Thought there was  a temporary problem that was encountered by TM and other revenue sharing programs , this was about the Paypal locking of funds of rev share sites. TM was one of them  and TM have a big amount of money , which is still being process to give back to TM.  But even then , TM continuos with its business and still growing. 

Traffic Goals

This site is on the list of my original revenue sharing sites but also had been affected with the Paypal issue. It  had managed to survive and is also active but it had some changes with its policy on payments, processors and cashouts.


Adslikeshare had been greatly affected with the Paypal issue in the sense that it had to renew its site and transfer its server . But the new design of the site had some problem so it has to go back with the original site design.  It also had some changes with the processors, payments and cashouts, it had been a continous process with the new site. 


BANNER 468*60

Ads Pay pro is also another site that de listed Paypal from its payment processor but it had not made any changes with the program. It only had added payment processors. 


This is a new site of mypayingads.com , they have to changed the site so as to give a new look, This site had been affected with the Paypal issue for almost a month.  But now they recovered with a fresh site. Old members still have to re- register just to join in.  

Other Revenue Sharing Programs; 

There are a number of  revenue sharing programs that was originally on my list or recommended by Ryan Hauser but  it had to be de listed from his Mastering Ads  list because of some reasons;  

1. Fortadpays  is a spanish revenue sharing program . It does not have any problem online but i do think that it does not give a lot of traffic credits that is why its not recommended by Ryan.  There are some limitations with regards to cashouts . It is now offering shares to buy with their company, 

2. Galatic Ads -  i personally had not been active with this site . Its the same with PTC ( paid to click site ) that initially are active for a few months then it cannot pay for the cashouts. It becomes a scam site . 

3. Triple threat marketing -  this site or program on revenue sharing site was also active until now but it had been discussed with webinar with Ryan Hauser that its policy of  renewing the membership to a weekly  basis it something that cannot be afforded.  It also does not have a lot of  ad credits that is badly needed as an adsite.  If there not much advertising credits , so it becomes  HYIP ,  no ads no potential to promote programs and have referrals.  By now it  is recommending a new site  , Shares that care where a membership is weekly?

4. Ad2 prosper  is an advert site . When i first registered with this site , i was attracted with their referrals system .  There is a membership, then an upgrade after an upgrade you click on some ads , then you will get 3 referrals before the monthly membership.  I was of the thinking that  the referrals will  upgrade their membership, which the referral commissions will come though there were not much ad credits.  I waited for the referrals to upgrade but two months had passed no upgrades so i could not wait anymore and not waste my money and time. Now i see the sites promotion , that as a new member you can be given a commission if you click on 20 ads ...WHY now , is it because they recognize that nobody is registering with the site ??

Revenue sharing programs will stay for a long time , i think so except when there would be problems within the site or outside , so while its blossoming  join me in making your earnings. 


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