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fort ad pays will make changes

A spanish revenue sharing program , a unique site and surely it is also now a company where members can purchase shares of stocks not only revenue sharing earnings. With their experience they now are developing some changes in their program.  


We will see the actual implimentation on  May 10, 2016,  this will definitely be an instrument on the continuity and stability of the rev share program of  Fort Ads pays. This will gladly attract a lot of members on the rev share community .

Money from Paypal , Traffic Monsoon

I had posted an article about Traffic Monsoon but this one is more of an update . The latest issue about Traffic Monsoon was about the frozen money fron their payment processor Paypal but the latest was that  "money from paypal of Traffic Monsoon " would be finally turnover on August 9/ as what the statements i had stumble upon lately ; 

When I started with  Traffic Monsoon it was all curiosity and have tried to register as a free member. Then when i decided that its a good and paying ad site, the TM meet its problem of funds. They were trying to hide the problem at first but later they admit that a part of their funds were Frozen by paypal so members had to used other payment processors. 
Update from Charles at Traffic Monsoon regarding their PayPal account freezes. Funds are expected to be released from PayPal Aug 9th. "Pending Balances" and "Pending Adpacks" will be active and accessible as soon as released. What effect will this have on Traffic Monsoon? I…

My paying ads

AS what the title says  " my paying ads" it is a site that literally ads site that is paying. You purchase ads and it also gives back in return  some sort of cashback.  Like the whole revenue sharing programs and sites , whether you call it  "cashback", some earnings , it is what every online money seeker wants.

Mypayingads is another of the site that was affected by the policy of Paypal. That was the time when i registered with this site . I was thinking that i cannot survive because their funds was freezed by Paypal.  So it  had to undergo some changes and it had surpassed the problem. They have a new site and since i did not purchased much adverts before i did not mind waiting for the site to install its new one.

Here is the dashboard of the new site ; 

  Cost of the ad packs ; 

The maturity of the ad packs is not determined , whenever there are sales this is where the earning opportunties of the members are based . WATCH THIS  !!…

Fort Ad Pays a spanish rev share site

One of the best Revenue Program as recommended by Ryan Hauser the rev share guru.  Fort Ad Pays is an online marketing platform where  members can promote their referral links for other businesses, products or services. It also offers shared commission by purchasing packs of shared commission.  The owner is   Pedro Fort Berbel, Fort Ad Pays Inc., Company No. 3371, 58 River Bank, Roseau (Commonwealth of Dominica)

As we all know rev share sites are almost the same , advert site , advert platform and an earning opportunity site with shared profits or cashbacks.  But as of the latest Fort Ad Pays is different in the sense that   

Here is the latest offer !! 
You can now buy shares automatically by  clicking on this link  (with 2pay4you or ADVCASH) .Remember that during the first 15 days , the price per share is 250 usd (in the second issue will be worth 300 usd). Limited actions. All information on the actions click here . For details  click on the link , if interested on buying shares of th…