Fort Ad Pays a spanish rev share site

One of the best Revenue Program as recommended by Ryan Hauser the rev share guru.  Fort Ad Pays is an online marketing platform where  members can promote their referral links for other businesses, products or services. It also offers shared commission by purchasing packs of shared commission.  The owner is   Pedro Fort Berbel, Fort Ad Pays Inc., Company No. 3371, 58 River Bank, Roseau (Commonwealth of Dominica)

As we all know rev share sites are almost the same , advert site , advert platform and an earning opportunity site with shared profits or cashbacks.  But as of the latest Fort Ad Pays is different in the sense that   

Here is the latest offer !! 

You can now buy shares automatically by  clicking on this link  (with 2pay4you or ADVCASH) .Remember that during the first 15 days , the price per share is 250 usd (in the second issue will be worth 300 usd). Limited actions. All information on the actions click here . For details  click on the link , if interested on buying shares of the Fort Ad Company.

1. The adpacks cost  $1 and the re purchase is  50% ,  free members can earn commissions and withdraw their benefits. 

2. The payment processors are  Payza, 2pay4you, AdvanceCash and 2clickpay for depositing and withdrawing. The minimum withdrawal is $10 and the maximum is $10 every 24 hours from Monday to Friday 

3. The shared commissions are distributed every 30 minutes between all members who have "packs" and are qualified. The company does not guarantee any return to any position having yet qualified. These benefits depend on the income of the company.

4. You can withdraw weekday Madrid time..All withdrawals will be processed in the next 7 business days.

                   For other questions regarding Fort Ad Pays , just click on FAQ 


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