Money from Paypal , Traffic Monsoon

I had posted an article about Traffic Monsoon but this one is more of an update . The latest issue about Traffic Monsoon was about the frozen money fron their payment processor Paypal but the latest was that  "money from paypal of Traffic Monsoon " would be finally turnover on August 9/ as what the statements i had stumble upon lately ; 

When I started with  Traffic Monsoon it was all curiosity and have tried to register as a free member. Then when i decided that its a good and paying ad site, the TM meet its problem of funds. They were trying to hide the problem at first but later they admit that a part of their funds were Frozen by paypal so members had to used other payment processors. 

Update from Charles at Traffic Monsoon regarding their PayPal account freezes. Funds are expected to be released from PayPal Aug 9th.
"Pending Balances" and "Pending Adpacks" will be active and accessible as soon as released.
What effect will this have on Traffic Monsoon? It should certainly increase activity. There are many affiliates who haven't been surfing ads or even logging in to the network since the PayPal issues...
Because their pending adpacks will re-activate, they are going to need to return to active member status to get the benefit from those pending packs!

      When i had this problem with regards to Paypal issue of Traffic Monsoon,  i  had the second thought  of still continuing with the program but  i still tried to go over with the fear of losing , so registered with other payment processors like Payza and continued while waiting for the issuie about Paypal to resolve,  so hear now the news . It was not a waster after all ,  lets continue the earnings with  Traffic Monsoon .  


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