My paying ads

AS what the title says  " my paying ads" it is a site that literally ads site that is paying. You purchase ads and it also gives back in return  some sort of cashback.  Like the whole revenue sharing programs and sites , whether you call it  "cashback", some earnings , it is what every online money seeker wants.

Mypayingads is another of the site that was affected by the policy of Paypal. That was the time when i registered with this site . I was thinking that i cannot survive because their funds was freezed by Paypal.  So it  had to undergo some changes and it had surpassed the problem. They have a new site and since i did not purchased much adverts before i did not mind waiting for the site to install its new one.

Here is the dashboard of the new site ; 

    Cost of the ad packs ; 

The maturity of the ad packs is not determined , whenever there are sales this is where the earning opportunties of the members are based . WATCH THIS  !!

Earning Very Short History 

There is a lot of  improvement for the site since it had only re -started from its problem with Paypal . A bigger purchases of  ad packs and promotion for the site is a big task so come on now join the fun .


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