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Surfing 50 seconds instead of 10 seconds

What this change will do to for YOU and Traffic Monsoon:
- Achieve Better Services - Better Alexa Rank - Help You Earn Even Better - Increase Profit Margins In The Services We Offer - Strengthen the Business - Secure Long-Term Sustainability Due to Supply/Demand - Deliver Visitors To Your Websites Faster - Help you grow your Brand by reaching more of an audience
All that for LESS than 1 minute more of surfing!
How Will This Be Achieved?
Surfing only 50 MORE SECONDS per day !!!
- REDUCED SURF TIMER TO 5 SECONDS (NOT 20!) - SURF 50 ADS (NOT 10) - Reduce Surf to Earn Credits 2/3 For Paid Members - Reduce Surf to Earn Credits 1/3 For Free Members
Think about it.  10 ads for 20 seconds each = 200 seconds 50 ads for 5 seconds each = 250 seconds
So in reality, the amount of time surfed to qualify in revenue sharing is only an additional 50 seconds than before.
As ALWAYS you can SURF unlimited sites to earn unlimited FREE advertising credits!
The goal of traffic monsoon services is to give adve…

my active rev shares july 2016

This are my active revenue sharing program to this date July 16, 2016 an update ; actually this is not a revenue share program but the site of the guru  Ryan Hauser where  he recommends through this site revenue sharing programs that he put up  (you will find this later ).  I personally registered here because as a member or paid member you are free to go around the site and avail of the program within the site. At the moment he has this first three recommended sites , then the next three more and the the third steps he recommends the payment processors that you will need in the course of the your interaction with revenue sharing programs.  You also will have free banners and other links where you can promote this masteringads. org site and also other rev share programs through his banners. You are also on the list of  recipients of  his downlines for mastering ads recommended programs if you have registered with…