my active rev shares july 2016

This are my active revenue sharing program to this date July 16, 2016 an update ; 

468x60_green - actually this is not a revenue share program but the site of the guru  Ryan Hauser where  he recommends through this site revenue sharing programs that he put up  (you will find this later ).  I personally registered here because as a member or paid member you are free to go around the site and avail of the program within the site. At the moment he has this first three recommended sites , then the next three more and the the third steps he recommends the payment processors that you will need in the course of the your interaction with revenue sharing programs.  You also will have free banners and other links where you can promote this masteringads. org site and also other rev share programs through his banners. You are also on the list of  recipients of  his downlines for mastering ads recommended programs if you have registered with his links. Every thursday you are invited to attend the free seminars for the members that discussess experiences and problems regarding revenue sharing programs. Other menus within the sites are not active yet since i registered and as a paid member about few months ago, no wonder  he is so busy. 


Trafficnetworktakeover is a revenue sharing site of Ryan Hauser. I registered with this program since March 2016 , i am a paid member paying $10 a month. I started March and to date i am on my fourth month . This is a revenue sharing program where you buy adpacks and this gives you an earning of 120% on the cap days of about 40.  Since i started i never had withdrawn any single amount. To this date i could say that i had invested about a $1000  which means i had purchased an amount of $1000 from my payza account and through earnings . So in four months membership is $40 other investmentss payment by payza but since its earning i do payments through this earnings when it reach  $10 usually about 10 days . As of this date  Total position earnings is  $ 1005.10 and ad pack position 60 (115  positions)purcahsed /54 expired. I am now considering cashing out but studying the trend the minimum cashout is  $50. I would post an article when i will have my cashout. 

 website traffic factory

Another site of Ryan Hauser that started only in June 2016 i am also a paid member of  $10 a month. At the moment July 2016 i had invested about $163 its on membership and purchase of ad packs , I buy purchased adpacks now thru the earnings of  $10 usually i can reach this amount on the 20th day.
Its still a long way to cashout but this site also has a free membership registration but you have to buy adpacks and its only up to 7 days , this i had not tried . 

 fort ad pays

This is a spanish owned revenue sharing site that was also a recommendee of Ryan Hauser. I started January 2016 and since that time had not also withdrawn any amount though i had some small investments . This site is a free site that does need a membership but its a slow eaning site so i am only consideing this for my promotion. To this date ik have 41 ad packs ,  balance on earnings $11.03  re purchased amount to $0.7898,  Purchases for adpacks is only  $1. 

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

The traffic monsoon a site that i considered the pioneer on the revenue sharing program. This site i believe started it all and had been the leader on the revenue sharing program until it encounters the problem with Paypal . Paypal freezed a certain amount of trafficmonsoon that delayed its growth until this time though the money that was frozen will be returned back this August 2016. I started with this site January 2016 . I purchased ad packs which is $50 per pack,  so i would say that i had invested about  $650  half of this was from the earnings, usually the $50 is being reached now to 9 days. I never  cashout big amount because it takes time to reach a $50 amount. 

Another recommendation of Ryan Hauser . This site suffers also the problem with Paypal like other site. It encounters also the problem with hackers , i did not believe that it could stand up given three problems in a row . Now the site had been operating good though i had not invest much . 


Revenue sharing site that was also affected by paypal issue as well as hackers . Now still recovering and normalizing still on another beta stage 

A slow income earnings revenue sharing program but still can be used as traffic site for revenue sharing programs and others 

Revenue sharing program is one of my resources in terms of income generation , I would also share other programs on the next article, thanks 


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