Will Traffic Monsoon still recover ?

Traffic Monsoons problems had not stop , which started when paypal freeze a lot of money of his account . Other website on the new revenue sharing programs there funds were also frozen for scrutiny if this sites are doing "ponzi" or profit sharing .  Traffic Monsoon is the biggest, but since TM had attorneys it was able to agree to paypal that the frozen money would be returned this August or September 2016.  For me and a lot of members where waiting for this to happen and  TM even suggessted to surf on ads of the site to 50 ads so as to bring back the Alexa ranking of the site to its glorious days. 

But the problem became magnified when the Securities and Exchange Commission came in to stop the operations of the website.  Now the SEC is proving the charges with TM that its a profit sharing company and not only a traffic site. For details about this case , please visit  http://www.trafficmonsoon.org/ this is where updates regarding Traffic Monsoons status is being posted. 

 The site had been downed for almost a month and this really had affected all the members who like me looks upon the site as a great opportunity for traffic and income. 

I am also to believe that other revenue sharing programs will also be affected because if they can do it with Traffic Monsoon and charge it with a "ponzi" scheme , they can do it. 

I am entertaining the idea that "Ryan Hauser" new program on Exituselite which is not a revenue sharing program is an alternative now since he had been in the revenue sharing programs for a long time and he also have two revenue sharing sites . I really am not sure what would happened to this kind of  programs.  Just wait and see i am to believe that its more secured to invest on paid to click sites programs or a strategy had to be worked out with this revenue sharing programs in order to earned.  

If you have some ideas on whats best programs now just comment on my blogsite 


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