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Is MPA the same as TM

MPA  is "my paying ads" and TM is "Traffic Monsoon" both are recognize as revenue sharing programs.  So should we say that MPA is the same as TM ? I would say that they are the same is the sense that its both an advertising sites , a revenue sharing program where you buy adpacks and earn from it and also a paid to click program.

The difference with this two revenue sharing programs as described was that TM still have a case with Paypal and now with SEC (US) but with MPA the money that was frozen with Paypal had been returned and they had some changes with their policies ( we will examine that the later) . With the paypal issue resolved and with MPA's continuity online , it probably had been exonorated as an investment site where Paypal or SEC is closing revenue sharing programs.

The much difference in my experienced with this two revenue sharing sites was that i had bought a lot of adpacks with traffic monsoon that runs about a thousand and had only returned less…

income generating sites late 2016

For many years online here are the latest "income generating sites late 2016" I would consider it a software in the sense that you can put all of your PTC links with this program.  Doing this consolidation of all of your PTC income generating sites makes it easier and faster to surf. You dont have to put the PTC sites link to a tab and surf in there. There are sites that does not permit you to do this. It also has a comment section where you can chat and refer your other links PTC or not to other members.  It also is a good program to get referrals for your PTC sites.  To get all unlimited ptc links you have to upgrade which is only $2 a month. The site is simple, all of the PTC links in one place, place to get referrals, cheaper to maintain and its more helping you with so many PTC sites. This is a revenue sharing program it is one of my remaining rev share sites that i am maintaining. I d…

Are revenue sharing programs going bankcrupt ?

Are revenue sharing programs going on bankrupt ? 
I am saying this because with traffic monsoon having a case with US  SEC which still had no decision yet and still going on trial . It probably have affected a lot of other revenue sharing programs which was popular but now no more.
Now what is happening with "trafficnetworktakeover" it is not working. I cannot login , there is no communication with the admin i know its Ryan Hauser. Whom is busy with other porgrams that he is developing the Ryan University , exitus,  easy1up , crowdfunders, these are all not revenue sharing programs.
Hey "Mr Ryan Hauser' what is happening  are you getting off revenue shares program and raising money with other programs?
What is also happening with Mastering Ads? 
Just to give some information with Ryan Hausers sites . Mastering ads is a site where ryan gives guides regarding revenue programs . He gives links to many revenue programs at the site  and had offered links where you could be hi…

Rise from the crowd its a goal

Its a nice name for a website,  when i stumble upon it i presume that being a member will "rise you from the crowd" especially when at this time you sitll are struggling to get that stage. 

Here's is crowdrising , my head upline inviter classify this not as business but its a software,  a platform,  actually its a peer to peer or person to person link. You start to register as a donor , for $20  upon approval your already on stage 1 and ready to receive your $20 back,  and not only that $80 more will make you $100.  Then you are ready for stage 2,, and so on to many stages.  When i started with this software,  my head upline help me with 2 referrals in day 1. Its really working , start of $20 is not even a cost of a coffee / per day. 

Here'  is more 

COME ON NOW AND JOIN IN  !!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lets be recognize from the crowd , a lot of you are waiting to rise from the crowd