Are revenue sharing programs going bankcrupt ?

Are revenue sharing programs going on bankrupt ? 

I am saying this because with traffic monsoon having a case with US  SEC which still had no decision yet and still going on trial . It probably have affected a lot of other revenue sharing programs which was popular but now no more.

Now what is happening with "trafficnetworktakeover" it is not working. I cannot login , there is no communication with the admin i know its Ryan Hauser. Whom is busy with other porgrams that he is developing the Ryan University , exitus,  easy1up , crowdfunders, these are all not revenue sharing programs.

Hey "Mr Ryan Hauser' what is happening  are you getting off revenue shares program and raising money with other programs?

What is also happening with Mastering Ads? 

Just to give some information with Ryan Hausers sites . Mastering ads is a site where ryan gives guides regarding revenue programs . He gives links to many revenue programs at the site  and had offered links where you could be his referrals. Then later on since he has a lot of traffic credits, he sold the traffic thru his referrals.  The mastering ads first was free then later , you will have to pay to avail of his other revenue sharing programs . He is also conducting free webinars more of updates and problems being encountered by members.  

Anyway to make the story short,  i become free member then paid member , i attend the webinar. Being a paid members you are also a referral for his traffic where i was able to get about 8 referrals who were not active.  Since i am disappointed with the referrals that are not active, i became inactive with this mastering ads, which is non productive. 

I still have two sites of mr hauser where i do think is will probably stop. 

With trafficnetworktakeover for more than six months since i registered and became active,  i tried to cashout but my request was cancelled ,tried to email the support but no answer .  Now september 15, 2016 i tried to cashout again since there was no reply to the reason why it was cancelled. Then in the evening of this day , i can no longer login. 

With the websitetrafficfactory it is still onsite and i can login.  In the last few days a member had send a message to mr hauser that this site is somewhat not active becoz there is none increase in activity. Is this an indication that the revenue site is dying . 

An active or no 1 member and referral of Mr Hauser saying that revenue sharing programs is no longer good earning sites? So does it mean, forget the money that had put on these programs? and still follow them. no way. 

This basis meant only that deal with revenue sharing programs anymore coz its just a come on so learn from the expert like this two guys Ryan Hauser and Marius Stander, but dont follow their next program because they only want you to follow them, if you lose any money before its your fault because we believe them , the "experts". 


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