income generating sites late 2016

For many years online here are the latest "income generating sites late 2016" 
I would consider it a software in the sense that you can put all of your PTC links with this program.  Doing this consolidation of all of your PTC income generating sites makes it easier and faster to surf. You dont have to put the PTC sites link to a tab and surf in there. There are sites that does not permit you to do this. It also has a comment section where you can chat and refer your other links PTC or not to other members.  It also is a good program to get referrals for your PTC sites.  To get all unlimited ptc links you have to upgrade which is only $2 a month. The site is simple, all of the PTC links in one place, place to get referrals, cheaper to maintain and its more helping you with so many PTC sites. 

This is a revenue sharing program it is one of my remaining rev share sites that i am maintaining. I do maintain it to get what i had put in . With the other revenue sharing programs that had suffered problems like traffic monsoon, i feel its no longer viable to participate with this program. But this site which is own by Ryan Hauser is more concentrated now with other programs and this had became secondary to him. Been a member for six months, thousand generated but only got $50 with one referral. 

This is also a revenue sharing program owned by Ryan Hauser,  Its almost three months since i joined and never had cashout though i had not put in much. As i had said above with TNT which is also a rev share site of Ryan Hauser , i do feel the owner is not giving much attention with this program. I also had just been maintaining this to get what i had put in. 

This is also a revenue sharing program but i consider this more a good program at this time. I had say this is a good one in the sense that like other programs that had suffered a lot like the paypal issue of freezing their account,  an attact of DDOS , hacking incident of their funds and members who had cancelled their account, it had sustained the problems.  My experienced with this site was disaapointment at the beginning, then understanding their situation until i was able to reach a balance of what i had put in and cashout. With this site you can start with $5 and gradually upgrade with your adpacks. One thing that i had noticed with the site was they had secured their links,  have a lot of advertisers, you can earn with the adpacks and as well as surfing on ads. 

The greatest PTC site that i had encountered that had not failed me to cashout $5 every week though i had to spent daily surfing for what ads are available on site.  To cashout you had to surf about a the same value of $5 which you can achieved for a week. Its been four (4) long years surfing and clicking daily. I wonder why some people want to make a bigger income but ends up spending more bigger with no result but with this you start with nothing and get small but get it daily.
Another of the revenue sharing program that had not suffered problems not like with other rev share programs. Its a spanish speaking site though you can translate the language. Though this program had undergone some changes but i had no CO yet and had not put much of my $.
A new program which is more of a peer to peer to program. It is being described as a platform where members pays or donate starting with $20, then you received your own $20 from five more members. But the nature is that you had to recruit or refer people to join in. If  a referral does not donate for three days their account will be deleted. It is what i had experienced though the upper line helps you with the rotator site where you can put your link and also promote your link to a large audience and hope to get members to join in.
Easy1 up is the same as crowdrising in the sense that is also a peer to peer program. You donate $15 as a start to a member, then you get $20 , the $5 you pay for the admin fee. This program also needs a lot of promotion , to get people join in and pays $20, but i wonder how other membes are getting their referrals.  I learned this program with Ryan Hauser, this is one of the program that Ryan is concentrating because with his lots of referrals , its very easy for him to get the money of many referrals he had starting with revenue sharing program but those who are having the hard time are those who had join in with not much referrals.
This is a paid to click site , where i had been participating for a very long years. I had left this site before but when i stumbled upon i put in this site to buxenger . Visit  and you will notice a lot of my former PTC sites had been posted. This is earning though you had to surf a lot.

Other programs on the pipelines being tested ;  just like youtube there are a lot of videos to watch and THW will pay you , start with 10 hours to watch and comment it had only started this September 21, 2016  a site that you can post your links and start earning points thru likes, website hits and many other ways. 

See you inside the site , keep on earning or comment give me real earning site.


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