Is MPA the same as TM

MPA  is "my paying ads" and TM is "Traffic Monsoon" both are recognize as revenue sharing programs.  So should we say that MPA is the same as TM ? I would say that they are the same is the sense that its both an advertising sites , a revenue sharing program where you buy adpacks and earn from it and also a paid to click program.

The difference with this two revenue sharing programs as described was that TM still have a case with Paypal and now with SEC (US) but with MPA the money that was frozen with Paypal had been returned and they had some changes with their policies ( we will examine that the later) . With the paypal issue resolved and with MPA's continuity online , it probably had been exonorated as an investment site where Paypal or SEC is closing revenue sharing programs.

The much difference in my experienced with this two revenue sharing sites was that i had bought a lot of adpacks with traffic monsoon that runs about a thousand and had only returned less that 10% but with MPA , my input was not much and i had already got it with only a few cashouts ;

  The cashout is not the basis to say that this site is going good but it had made a difference with other sites in the sense that i am starting to CO  in a week time, Though i had purchase adpacks that had accumulated to about 20 and now its 17.  I also had not put in cash , i always purchase the adpacks with earnings.  Given this developments i would say that MPA  is good and searching for other post regarding MPA , they are saying that it is a SCAM . My basis is why paypal had no longer any issue with this site , it should have been closed before. Any way we will see how this site will prevail but at the moment its giving out the CO being requested.

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