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first donation is a milestone

Milestone means an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. I consider a first donation a milestone which was only a few days after joining the platform.

I consider milestone or the start of development in online earnings when in only a few days you received registration for the platform and the 1st donation came in. Thanks 

What do you think of a program online is this ? Let me discussed this and explained about this ?

This is a platform, an income earning software, not a website, no one owns it, no monthly payment and its free to join but there is a big potential for you to earn.  Its actually a peer to peer system where members pay and earn from donations. The developer of this program explains in detail on the video what is 

The idea that i had seen about peer to peer system is on bitcoin but there was central system which is blockchain that governs the bitcoin technology. But this crowdrising.net…

My Paying Ads getting greater

In my experienced with revenue sharing programs for almost a year its only this last quarter of the year 2016 that i am getting some good results.  The revenue sharing programs which i register as a member had problems with Paypal and now SEC. Though in the past other revenue sharing sites had also suffered accounts locked with Paypal but they had overcome it and their money was brought back to them.  They are also some sites that were not affected and i would consider now getting results; 

My paying ads is not an investment site but a traffic generating site and shares their income on traffic sales which is actually was the scheme ever since traffic sites were online. The term revenue sharing programs was actually a catchy word and we may consider the present traffic sites sharing their income has a much higher give out than the traffic sites before and until now.  I am still a member of this traffic exchange sites like clixsense which are low in results in terms of traffic and shares…