first donation is a milestone

Milestone means an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. I consider a first donation a milestone which was only a few days after joining the platform.

I consider milestone or the start of development in online earnings when in only a few days you received registration for the platform and the 1st donation came in. Thanks 

What do you think of a program online is this ? Let me discussed this and explained about this ?

This is a platform, an income earning software, not a website, no one owns it, no monthly payment and its free to join but there is a big potential for you to earn.  Its actually a peer to peer system where members pay and earn from donations. The developer of this program explains in detail on the video what is 

The idea that i had seen about peer to peer system is on bitcoin but there was central system which is blockchain that governs the bitcoin technology. But this crowdrising.net maybe is the simple version in a way.  You start being a member thru your invitation , then you donate to the person who invite you . When your invitation is approve then you start now to be the one to invite and receive $20 donation , not only $20 but $100 with additional five invites and registrant on your account. Then you are now ready to take another level , where you donate another person with $40 and again receive $1000 for donors   Then its another level to reached ..and so on how much and how patiently wait for more invitations and donations to make. A more detailed description and procedure is available on the site if you register

I am still a new member on level 1 though i already received registrants and a donation of a person of $20 , given a guide and tools needed to invite others , i patiently believe that this program is a good platform to receive additional earnings.  Comparing with other income generating program,  there is no monthly fees, it was not designed by the owner to make money out of admin fees.  There are still a lot of people online that is not convinced of donating to others, though they are spending a lot of money and wait for nothing , I had been there , i spent money for a program that there was no return. 
I also had waited for programs that suddenly closed. See also other members testimonials with regards to this platform ,

Join CrowdRising and be part of an elite, explosive team and experience financial growth made from what history would call legend!



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