My Paying Ads getting greater

In my experienced with revenue sharing programs for almost a year its only this last quarter of the year 2016 that i am getting some good results.  The revenue sharing programs which i register as a member had problems with Paypal and now SEC. Though in the past other revenue sharing sites had also suffered accounts locked with Paypal but they had overcome it and their money was brought back to them.  They are also some sites that were not affected and i would consider now getting results; 

My paying ads is not an investment site but a traffic generating site and shares their income on traffic sales which is actually was the scheme ever since traffic sites were online. The term revenue sharing programs was actually a catchy word and we may consider the present traffic sites sharing their income has a much higher give out than the traffic sites before and until now.  I am still a member of this traffic exchange sites like clixsense which are low in results in terms of traffic and shares. 

But now with where i started March 2016 and now its Sept 2016 its only six months and i would like to share some results ; 

Payments history from membership to purchase of ads packages ; 

The image above is a part of the whole payments history that i had with MPA which is not that big its only $5 and its for six months , majority of payments are ads packages . For every ads packages there is a corresponding ad credits that you purchased and you use for your traffic.  Then daily you also had to surf about 10 ads a day. With the activities of surfing of ads required you are qualified to be shared with earnings on sales of traffic.  Adding to this  you also get additional earnings and credits surfing more of other ads which is about 300 sites, this is not obligatory, its up to you if you want to add more for your earnings. 

Now the great part of what every online income seeker wants , the CASHOUTS

   With the images of cashouts and payments made to MPA  you will arrive at this resulta ; 

      Total cashouts as of  October 3/16  a period of 7 months i got  about     $50.00 
       Total payments with payment processors directly thru payza   is about  $42.00
       Total payments with earnings from daily activities                                 $145.00

   With the calculations we can readily see that MPA had been paying when ever the balance reaches the amount of  $10 and its fast within 24 hours you can get your cashouts. With regards to the cashouts ,  i am already ok with the initial cashout of  $50 in the sense that i had already recovered the direct payment and the rest of purchases of ad packs was done thru earnings from activites. If i will be comparing this with my other revenue sharing programs like TNT , i had put about a thousand dollars both on actual pay processors and thru earnings within the same period of six months like MPA and i had only cash out $50 nevertheless its still good, whenever there are cashout and the sites are sharing.  

With this testimony i see that is getting greater and i am to purchasing more adpacakges and bigger to get more CO. And i hope you ll join me. 


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