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Latest from TNT ( traffic network takeover)

I had posted two articles regarding the problems of cashout with Traffic Network Takeover which is owned by the consultant Ryan Hauser.  I am particularly concern why such a big time consultant Ryan Hauser is not giving any reply to what is happening with Traffic Network Takeover which he said is different and will not be like other revshare programs . He is saying this because he is an experienced  network marketer and a consultant.  He have a lot of experienced and he knows the reason why the other revshare programs are failing.

I have high regards with this guy even though i had not earned yet for almost a year with any of his programs.  I cannot imagine why a $50 cashout could not be given,  which is a little amount from my more than six months of  clicking, visiting and investing on his revshare .

I had not deleted my account since the site had not been closed and i still received messages about my account , the latest was about the closure of my request for a cashout which had n…

Traffic Network Takeover still a problem

From my last article i had discussed that this revenue sharing site of Ryan Hauser is not paying requested cashout which is still pending last November 29, 2016 . And they have not replied or explained what is happening.  Its not only me ,  all members in TNT complaining and Ryan says its been hacked . He should know that he's an expert :

The latest message was still there soliciting of payment for the membership which will be the way they can get rid of their obligation to cashout . They will just say you are not paying the membership then you cannot have a cashout.  And they will only say we are paying according to the order of request,  i dont know when will be my time.

AT THIS TIME , December 22, 2016  no explanation whatsoever with Ryan Hauser and his fate would be the same as the Traffic Monsoon , except  the owner of the TM has a lot of money which can pay any member , i dont know with Ryan Hauser . His other revenue sharing site will suffer the same and his other programs

Problem with Traffic Network Takeover of Ryan Hauser

I met the programs of Ryan Hauser when revenue sharing programs was at its "boom" . This was the time when  traffic monsoon  was leading the revenue sharing euphoria was at its highest.  I also registered with Ryan Hausers  free site for its free training.

At first the free training site was "free"  then when he made the program a paying one. The payment was for those who are affiliated with his revenue sharing programs which was booming at that time. The payments which was a monthly fee was for the referrals and the free training.  Luckily after a few months i had about eight referrals but not active ones, until i felt its not working. This was also the time when "traffic monsoon" was having problems with its finances with paypal and up to this time a case with Securities and Exchange Commission.

I felt that there was a problem with "traffic network takeover" when my cash withdrawal that i was requesting was on the pending status but later it …