Latest from TNT ( traffic network takeover)

I had posted two articles regarding the problems of cashout with Traffic Network Takeover which is owned by the consultant Ryan Hauser.  I am particularly concern why such a big time consultant Ryan Hauser is not giving any reply to what is happening with Traffic Network Takeover which he said is different and will not be like other revshare programs . He is saying this because he is an experienced  network marketer and a consultant.  He have a lot of experienced and he knows the reason why the other revshare programs are failing.

I have high regards with this guy even though i had not earned yet for almost a year with any of his programs.  I cannot imagine why a $50 cashout could not be given,  which is a little amount from my more than six months of  clicking, visiting and investing on his revshare .

I had not deleted my account since the site had not been closed and i still received messages about my account , the latest was about the closure of my request for a cashout which had not been answered. The only reply was they are going to closed the ticket regarding the request for cashout.

Now at long last this December 29, 2016  , i happened to visit the site and a video of the owner Ryan Hauser is promising to give an update regarding the traffic network takeover. But the members still had to wait for the second week of January 2017 to know what is happening with traffic network takeover.

Now he is talking about data that had to be finished with TNT and wait for an email to members. I wonder what this update would be,  hoping for a good one this coming New Year ..


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