Problem with Traffic Network Takeover of Ryan Hauser

I met the programs of Ryan Hauser when revenue sharing programs was at its "boom" . This was the time when  traffic monsoon  was leading the revenue sharing euphoria was at its highest.  I also registered with Ryan Hausers  free site for its free training.

At first the free training site was "free"  then when he made the program a paying one. The payment was for those who are affiliated with his revenue sharing programs which was booming at that time. The payments which was a monthly fee was for the referrals and the free training.  Luckily after a few months i had about eight referrals but not active ones, until i felt its not working. This was also the time when "traffic monsoon" was having problems with its finances with paypal and up to this time a case with Securities and Exchange Commission.

I felt that there was a problem with "traffic network takeover" when my cash withdrawal that i was requesting was on the pending status but later it was approved.  

I also read in the FB account of traffic network takeover that the person who was supposed to be the admin was resigning of being a part of TNT.  Then came to this time this December 2016  that i had a request since November 29, 2016 when it became pending again .

The  latest cash withdrawal request was the  second one which had been pending since November 2016  and they had not replied considering that i had been  investing and expecting a revenue share for near a year now.

Invested for the traffic with revenue sharing  had reached  the thousand dollars and surely this site had  profited already and my request is a legal and valid one since they have a program for revenue sharing ? Considering the purchased position earnings , $50 or $100 is only 5% of the total?

The latest messages that i had sent  had no reply , i really dont know what is happening ? but if you are reading this  , its  beginning to  feel a scamming  program .

I know that there are a lot of programs with Ryan Hauser but having no reply with my messages is tantamount to ignoring  his member which had been loyal and following his program.  I hope this could be clarified if not , then  Ryan Hauser's  program is again  not reliable.


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