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Clixsense will take out PTC

                       ( What is behind clixsense taking out PTC out of their business)
Moving forward with change 1 Jul 2017 03:38 pm Members, more than 10 years ago we came online strictly as a PTC. As all things go, the ClixSense business model has changed over the years and with the addition of Crowdflower tasks, offers and surveys our core business has shifted. No longer are we just a PTC, but instead ClixSense has grown to be one of the top performing survey networks in the world.

While our survey, task and offer business has grown significantly, the PTC side of our business has been on a downward slide for some time now and more so since the loss of Paypal back in February.

Being in the PTC industry has it's positives and negatives. The positive side of things is that we can provide you with an easy way to earn a little money and for advertisers we can send a large amount of traffic t…

Multiple streams of income is still the best

Mypayingads  and mypaying crypto ads are still part of the multiple streams of income that i am depending on , though there were setbacks on the implimentation and management of the programs. This programs are revenue sharing programs which had proven that its only good when there are new members registering and buying of  "adpacks" , now when a bulk of members want to cashout of the revenues to be shared with less members registering then comes the problem. This is the problem of revenue sharing programs , the money coming in could not be sustained unless the money could be invested in more profits that can be used for the cashout,  its very risky.  Usually the site used the "ponzi" scheme but later on it does no longer work.  With MPA / the establishment of MPCA which is a crypto or bitcon business should be supporting MPA but the volatility of the bitcoin cannot sustain what the cashout needs, even though bitcoins are getting higher in value. 

Now …

MPA/ MPCA will continue

We already know what happened to MPA / MPCA .  The site had not anticipated that their revenue sharing program will "stall" meaning will stop because it cannot augment the cash out demand side with  the sales that is not going up .  

So the answer to the problem was to stop the revenue sharing program ,  change to traffic exchange program , raise the amount needed to return the seed money of the members and eventually bring back the revenue program,  so they planned this to happen in three months or in 2018.  So on my blogsite  they are on one page to continue monitoring  and also waiting for my seed money. 

Here's  a member who wrote MPA admin and the reply; 

So the site is not signing off , but members still had to visit and surf the sites to maintain its alexa rankings or also buy traffic and wait for the seed money and the new revenue sharing program.  What i dont know is why can they not share an earnings from the ads, in my experience with traffic exchanges they are p…

mpa/ mpca moving forward in stages 18 May 2017

Stage 1:

Refund all purchases made from payment processor from May 10th to May 15th 2017 back to members processors

Cancel all withdrawals up to and including 9th May 2017 . Withdrawal amounts returned to member earning balances

Time frame: Proceeding now

Stage 2:

Open MPA and MPCA Traffic Exchange Sites

Time frame: Within 7 days

Stage 3:

Open the new product platforms, CC,
Local Business Directory Listing
Time frame: Within 14 days(CC)
to 8 weeks(Local Business Directory Listing)

Stage 4:

Return 'Seed Money' – Total Processor Purchases minus Total Withdrawals
Time frame: Begin within 3 months,
based on profit generated from the new products and partner programs

Members DO NOT to send in support tickets for Seed Money until further notice

MPA on the interim / going back to being a traffic exchange site

Since the interview of  Uday the management had already made a decision on how to move forward , they have already choosen  Plan B  ( . 

A video hangout was created  to stress out or explain more with some members asking questions ; 

While this are going on ,  members like me are waiting with MPA  anyway . I tired to do what i was doing before ,  surfing for  10 ads and try to click on cashlinks  .  But i noticed that  the earnings are no longer  adding up  so there is no need to  surf on the sites .  

Hangout overview from Tuesday 16th May 2017.

1. MPA/MPCA as per Plan B in your back office:
Account Activity - Admin Messages, will change to a traffic exchange on each site, effective this week.

2. All packs and earning balances will be set to zero.
You will keep your advertising credits to use in the new traffic exchanges.

3. 'Seed Money' - the total processor purchases, minus any withdrawals = total seed mone…

MPA choose plan B whats yours ?

We know that MPA/ MPCA is going now on a cross road members are awaiting what will be the decision of MPA/ MPCA  regarding the stalling of  the company.  A lot of members trust and believe Uday the owner  that a good decision will be for all  so here's the message about the faith of MPA/ MPCA ; 

#MPA and #MPCA Announcement (15th May 2017):

Dear MPA/MPCA Members,

Firstly, we would like to thank all the members and team leaders who have offered their valuable suggestions to continue our journey. We have carefully gone through each and every suggestion before arriving at the possible options to find the solution for the current stalling at MPA and MPCA, respectively.

We have also carefully analyzed the revenue generation in the last one week and possible future revenue generation with the current stalling. The revenue generation has been very less but it is also due to the disabling of the withdrawal requests.

There are some serious concerns in terms of the continuity of the bus…

Watch an interview about MPA

Yes,  its good that a member of MPA  (mypayingads) was able to interview the owner about what 's happening with mypayingads and mypayingcrypto ads. It  gives us the scenarios on what is transpiring inside MPA  and how are we to react on these informations .

 The owner Uday as what he is popularly known to the industry , he discussess what had happened during the time MPA started up to the time the paypal freeze their fundsAfter the funds was released  , what happened , the errors they have learned but still continued with the policy of not forcing the members The time when they started with a small capital of about $3million and what had happened The present policy of  internal and external  purchasing of adpacks The plan to move forward  to resolve the problems on withdrawals              - the need to make campaigns for MPA and they will still  
              continue to honor withdrawals 

            - generating the 50 thousand they will open the 
               withdrawals  with …

What is happening with MPA/ MPCA ?

Mypayingads is not new its a revenue sharing program that started with the more popular Traffic Monsoon so its about reaching its 2nd year and problems continue on besetting these rev share site.

Since i started with these site i encountered problems regarding the paypal issue . This was overcome and mpa was able to get their funds that was frozen by paypal.  The site had to be changed so i just go with the developments .  I do not invest much since i knew and had lose money with Traffic Monsoon,  and other revenue sharing sites though i had cashouts some money but still had to recover what i had purchased.

Problems with cashout had been persistent with these programs and these is becoming a hindrance with these programs , like MPA.  The latest i encounter was  this May 2017 when  cashouts were cancelled, this had happened before a few months ago, when the admin says that the person in charge of  the withdrawal got sick.  Then cashout was brought back after a few months but not this on…

App links your sites makes referral and easy to use

In my online surfing i  stumble upon this site that i can link all my sites, makes referrals and its easy to use.  Of course you earn thru referrals ,  so consider and join this site. 

Buxenger Overview:Buxenger is a free app that helps you organize, monitor and view ads from your numerous PTC (Paid to click) website accounts. With Buxenger you can view stats from all your PTC accounts in one screen, view ads from all accounts by just clicking "Next" and see all your stats in one place.

Buxenger supports dozens of PTC websites and the list keeps on growing. Buxenger Affiliate Program Overview: Another unique service of Buxenger is its affiliate program. With this program users can be referred to all PTC websites at once.
This is how it works:
You refer a user to Buxenger website using you personal link, e.g. gets the Buxenger app and creates an accountUser creates new accounts on several PTC websites using Buxenger…

From Uday a new server but ..

I had said before that there were problems with mypayingads but gradually it had been resolved. When i sensed there was a problem with withdrawals then in a few days it was clarified and i had received  the cashouts.  Now i was worried  that maybe what had happen to TNT, getting bankrupt and closing will also happen to MPA  but that had not happened.  Their latest problem was getting bigger and they have to switch to a new server and they had work on this for about 2 days. Now its finished though there is something that still they had to work on; 

Here's the latest update from the owner Uday ; 

At present this site is highly recommendable as well as its sister site  here are the links '

Mypayingads update on withdrawals

Its probably coincidental that TNT and MPA  had the same problem . The problem was regarding withdrawals actually its the request for cashout.  Though my problem with TNT was for two months now but MPA  is not the same as TNT.  My problem with MPA  was only a few weeks but it had responded already with my request which was only $5 before , $10 and the latest was $30. 
Since there was no reply before regarding the request i had tried to search and i forgot that they have an FB site where aside from the support menu all members could send their concern . That is what i did and a member had contacted the owner and he posted it on you tube,  here is the status update; 

 Updates on the withdrawals from a member who had contacted Mr. Uday the owner of mypayingads.  The summary was that Uday had made the withdrawal manually and had stop automatic withdrawals for security reason. He knows Mr. Uday that there are hackers who could be attacking the site as what is happening with others. So until …

Traffic Network Takeover bankrupt and closing

Remember the last article i post about "TNT" like a bomb , traffic network takeover here was the video of the owner Ryan Hauser ; 

With this video the owner Ryan Hauser was asking for the middle of January 2017 to make an analysis of what happen to TNT .  He said he needs time for the revenue sharing program to be analyzed and if possible give some people bonuses . 
I felt that something was wrong with the site TNT because i was requesting for a cashout but and i did not have it for almost two months now . Came this video of the owner that he needs time to analyze what had happen.  
I gave in to see the real explanation of what is happening but then i was already feeling that the site is not earning and no revenue could be shared but still i want to give the owner a chance of he had to say to what happened.  I was waiting he said the half of January would be enough time to reveal his analysis but its already  January 28, 2017 and t January is ending until i saw a post on facebo…

MPA a new chance

I am giving a new chance for my MPA (mypayingads) . It means that what i was formerly thinking was not being objective though there is still a doubt on what is really happening with this site.

I posted two articles regarding my latest experienced with this  site. The latest negative experiences were the none increase on the adpacks,  then the delay on CO or withdrawals which is not that big onyly $5 . I cannot imagine that this site cannot give a cashout of $5. 
This two latest experienced had been given answers. I was probably wrong to conclude that the site did not increased my purchased of adpacks.  There reason before was that , i probably had encounter the completion of ads that is why when i purchase an adpack there was no increased ,  though i still could not get it. 
But they are now giving notice of ads being completed after a few days of your adpack being purchased so  this was probably what happened.  Now my adpack had now reduced . 
Since the non increased of my adpacks before …

Mypayingad not paying

I was about to admire mypayingads  site for having reach its new year from crisis. The crisis that they had passed was about the Paypal holding their account and no money could be drawn out unless changes to their policy were implimented.   

I was at that time new to revenue sharing program and i think they are much earlier having a problem with paypal than traffic monsoon.  Now i am sensing that they have another problem which i dont know , but probably its about funding, which is always. 

How do i sense this problem? 

I was so excited that purchasing of adpacks with mypayingads was continuos after they had their problem with paypal was resolve . I was very active with mypayingads starting last year 2016 and had purchased  adpacks and even cashout.  But not this January 8, 2017  . my total adpack was 42 then i purchased 1 additional adpack which is  $5 and expect that total adpack becomes  43 but it did not increased.  I complained about this matter with the admin but the explanation wa…