MPA a new chance

I am giving a new chance for my MPA (mypayingads) . It means that what i was formerly thinking was not being objective though there is still a doubt on what is really happening with this site.

I posted two articles regarding my latest experienced with this 
site. The latest negative experiences were the none increase on the adpacks,  then the delay on CO or withdrawals which is not that big onyly $5 . I cannot imagine that this site cannot give a cashout of $5. 

This two latest experienced had been given answers. I was probably wrong to conclude that the site did not increased my purchased of adpacks.  There reason before was that , i probably had encounter the completion of ads that is why when i purchase an adpack there was no increased ,  though i still could not get it. 

But they are now giving notice of ads being completed after a few days of your adpack being purchased so  this was probably what happened.  Now my adpack had now reduced . 

Since the non increased of my adpacks before happened , i consider not purchasing again for the adpacks , because i was in doubt with what was going.  So what i did was to  request for withdrawal and  it happened i received a $5 CO  , then  i request again and also received  $10 . This CO made me think  that they are really a serious adsite.  

Though what had happened is a warning call not to engage big time .  Be prepared to lose on what you can afford , though you aim to win. 


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