Mypayingad not paying

I was about to admire mypayingads  site for having reach its new year from crisis. The crisis that they had passed was about the Paypal holding their account and no money could be drawn out unless changes to their policy were implimented.   

I was at that time new to revenue sharing program and i think they are much earlier having a problem with paypal than traffic monsoon.  Now i am sensing that they have another problem which i dont know , but probably its about funding, which is always. 

How do i sense this problem? 

I was so excited that purchasing of adpacks with mypayingads was continuos after they had their problem with paypal was resolve . I was very active with mypayingads starting last year 2016 and had purchased  adpacks and even cashout.  But not this January 8, 2017  . my total adpack was 42 then i purchased 1 additional adpack which is  $5 and expect that total adpack becomes  43 but it did not increased.  I complained about this matter with the admin but the explanation was that i might had seen the decreased of the adpack which was already completed.  I know it probably was but purchasing on the day and not seeing it increased is a big question. 

Mu purchased was in January 8, 2017 now its January 15 and my adpack is not decreasing it is still 42.  I really am puzzled why mypayingads is behaving this way. I tried to google about mypayingads but  there is post that says it has a problem although  the 2016 problem about paypal could be the one and its affecting the site up to this moment. 

To prove my point that they have some problem which they are not explaining. I request for a cash withdrawal this January 10, 2017 , now it is  January 15, 2017 and there is no cashout but before in only a day  you can receive your cashout.  I dont what would happen with this site , since there are no explanation on their status. 

Given this situation i am worried with the other site which is a sister site of mypayingads it is mycryptoads which is a bitcoin site.  I tried to cashout with the site but there is NOW a limit of 1 bitcoin and minimum of 0.01  but before there was no limit ,  Why now limit ?  Probably it as affected by sudden de valued of 1 bitcoin which was 1bitcoin = $1000 now its about 1bitcoin to $800.

Its really a risky situation ?  


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