Mypayingads update on withdrawals

Its probably coincidental that TNT and MPA  had the same problem . The problem was regarding withdrawals actually its the request for cashout.  Though my problem with TNT was for two months now but MPA  is not the same as TNT.  My problem with MPA  was only a few weeks but it had responded already with my request which was only $5 before , $10 and the latest was $30. 

Since there was no reply before regarding the request i had tried to search and i forgot that they have an FB site where aside from the support menu all members could send their concern . That is what i did and a member had contacted the owner and he posted it on you tube,  here is the status update; 


 Updates on the withdrawals from a member who had contacted Mr. Uday the owner of mypayingads.  The summary was that Uday had made the withdrawal manually and had stop automatic withdrawals for security reason. He knows Mr. Uday that there are hackers who could be attacking the site as what is happening with others. So until there is still security problems and the upgrade had not addressed the hackers  then it has to be manual withdrawals but it will take time becoz thousands per members withdrawals are happening. 

The good thing here is that MPA is not getting anywhere and i hope what had happened to other rev sharing programs will not happen to MPA and MPCA. 

Here's is another updates from the admin , the latest so far;

I hope that MPA and MPCA  overcome this problem which for my experienced online had been happening after six months of operation or after a year so its really a risky business but as of this site can be recommended    and


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