Traffic Network Takeover bankrupt and closing

Remember the last article i post about "TNT" like a bomb , traffic network takeover here was the video of the owner Ryan Hauser ; 

With this video the owner Ryan Hauser was asking for the middle of January 2017 to make an analysis of what happen to TNT .  He said he needs time for the revenue sharing program to be analyzed and if possible give some people bonuses . 

I felt that something was wrong with the site TNT because i was requesting for a cashout but and i did not have it for almost two months now . Came this video of the owner that he needs time to analyze what had happen.  

I gave in to see the real explanation of what is happening but then i was already feeling that the site is not earning and no revenue could be shared but still i want to give the owner a chance of he had to say to what happened.  I was waiting he said the half of January would be enough time to reveal his analysis but its already  January 28, 2017 and t January is ending until i saw a post on facebook about  supposedly email  that i had to received since he promised it. 

Here is the post message ; 

I was right all along that TNT does not have money to share the revenue , i do think the overall revenue programs since traffic monsoon fails. So even if a guru like Ryan Hauser who before claims that his TNT site and his daughter WTF also a revenue sharing programs are failures.  


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