MPA/ MPCA will continue

We already know what happened to MPA / MPCA .  The site had not anticipated that their revenue sharing program will "stall" meaning will stop because it cannot augment the cash out demand side with  the sales that is not going up .  

So the answer to the problem was to stop the revenue sharing program ,  change to traffic exchange program , raise the amount needed to return the seed money of the members and eventually bring back the revenue program,  so they planned this to happen in three months or in 2018.  So on my blogsite  they are on one page to continue monitoring  and also waiting for my seed money. 

Here's  a member who wrote MPA admin and the reply; 

So the site is not signing off , but members still had to visit and surf the sites to maintain its alexa rankings or also buy traffic and wait for the seed money and the new revenue sharing program.  What i dont know is why can they not share an earnings from the ads, in my experience with traffic exchanges they are paying surfing members a few cents for every click? 


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