Watch an interview about MPA

Yes,  its good that a member of MPA  (mypayingads) was able to interview the owner about what 's happening with mypayingads and mypayingcrypto ads. It  gives us the scenarios on what is transpiring inside MPA  and how are we to react on these informations .

  •  The owner Uday as what he is popularly known to the industry , he discussess what had happened during the time MPA started up to the time the paypal freeze their funds
  • After the funds was released  , what happened , the errors they have learned but still continued with the policy of not forcing the members 
  • The time when they started with a small capital of about $3million and what had happened 
  • The present policy of  internal and external  purchasing of adpacks 
  • The plan to move forward  to resolve the problems on withdrawals  
            - the need to make campaigns for MPA and they will still  
              continue to honor withdrawals 

            - generating the 50 thousand they will open the 
               withdrawals  with the smallest $5

            -as the  campaign goes up , they can increase the minimum 
             to $10 to higher 

             - sharing positive experiences with others can infuence 
               others and can be recruited to MPA

             - MPA is considering some products , Udays dream one

              /Suggesstion of  Keithy to have training for members

             - suggesstion from the members like getting big players
               sample mc donalds, ad sense, ethereum, foreign exchange

      Hope for the better !


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