What is happening with MPA/ MPCA ?

Mypayingads is not new its a revenue sharing program that started with the more popular Traffic Monsoon so its about reaching its 2nd year and problems continue on besetting these rev share site.

Since i started with these site i encountered problems regarding the paypal issue . This was overcome and mpa was able to get their funds that was frozen by paypal.  The site had to be changed so i just go with the developments .  I do not invest much since i knew and had lose money with Traffic Monsoon,  and other revenue sharing sites though i had cashouts some money but still had to recover what i had purchased.

Problems with cashout had been persistent with these programs and these is becoming a hindrance with these programs , like MPA.  The latest i encounter was  this May 2017 when  cashouts were cancelled, this had happened before a few months ago, when the admin says that the person in charge of  the withdrawal got sick.  Then cashout was brought back after a few months but not this one , its the second day from May 10 that there is cashout , big amount had to be raised to augment big cashout .  This means that there is not enough funds to answer all the request for withdrawals , so where will  the site get its  "money"  when it only raised funds thru traffic fees . The new site which is MPCA  is a bitcoin site but it  cannot help  the sister site.

What i seen now was that they are raising  money just to augment the withdrawals and no one knows when the can raise the money ?


Revenue generated: $95,000
Withdrawal requests came: $255,730

The figure above is what had to be generated  the withdrawal request  that cannot be  answered back.

There are a lot of supporters for the MPA  but is  trust gonna saved the site or its the  nature of the program that is the problem . There is no threat like the "traffic monsoon" which had problems with paypal and now with the securities . No problem like  of that nature ?

Tried to search on site what others are saying of the MPA  and probably  i would probably agree with this  article  "  http://moneyideasthatwork.com/top-revshare/revshare-news/mpa-and-mpca-nears-end-of-life/"

We will know what will happen to MPA / MPCA  though i am conscious of  the risk,  there are really a lot of risks  online especially when it comes to money matters.

I hope the strategy of boosting  can overcome the problem ....


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