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Multiple streams of income is still the best

Mypayingads  and mypaying crypto ads are still part of the multiple streams of income that i am depending on , though there were setbacks on the implimentation and management of the programs. This programs are revenue sharing programs which had proven that its only good when there are new members registering and buying of  "adpacks" , now when a bulk of members want to cashout of the revenues to be shared with less members registering then comes the problem. This is the problem of revenue sharing programs , the money coming in could not be sustained unless the money could be invested in more profits that can be used for the cashout,  its very risky.  Usually the site used the "ponzi" scheme but later on it does no longer work.  With MPA / the establishment of MPCA which is a crypto or bitcon business should be supporting MPA but the volatility of the bitcoin cannot sustain what the cashout needs, even though bitcoins are getting higher in value. 

Now …