Multiple streams of income is still the best

Mypayingads  and mypaying crypto ads are still part of the multiple streams of income that i am depending on , though there were setbacks on the implimentation and management of the programs. This programs are revenue sharing programs which had proven that its only good when there are new members registering and buying of  "adpacks" , now when a bulk of members want to cashout of the revenues to be shared with less members registering then comes the problem. This is the problem of revenue sharing programs , the money coming in could not be sustained unless the money could be invested in more profits that can be used for the cashout,  its very risky.  Usually the site used the "ponzi" scheme but later on it does no longer work.  With MPA / the establishment of MPCA which is a crypto or bitcon business should be supporting MPA but the volatility of the bitcoin cannot sustain what the cashout needs, even though bitcoins are getting higher in value. 

Now the management of MPA / MPCA had addressed the problem since they knew what will be coming. There are a lot of revenue sharing programs where lessons could be learned and probably the management know this. So there solution is stop the revenue sharing for a while , give back the seed money , get a new product or business and again continue with the revenue program but with some safeguards not to repeat what had happen. The promised to return the seed money is with a but , that the new business will support the giving back of the seed money,  so its a safe closure of old program and opening of a new gaining the trust of the members so as not to suffer a closure of the site. 

Note:  While waiting for the MPA / MPCA to normalize , the promised payment of purchased of adpack last May 10, 2017 was returned , thanks to the admin and Mr. Uday. Now we will wait for the seed money to be returned, they really want business. 

While waiting for MPA/ MPCA which i consider as good source for income , there are other streams which could also be source of cash on the web;

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Site had been weekly source of  income since my registration in 2008
A PTC ( paid to click site that had been on my list since i started with cashonweb)

 The first survey site that i registered and the only one that is regularly sending surveys on
mail account, though there are more survey sites that i am a member but this one is a
regular one,  in about one to two months they are sending work and the fees to that surveys.

 Buxenger could also be a source of income, for me its also a tool that makes all advert
links site on one place , no need to place your URL on the browser, just click on the
link that you posted on

1. Banana Fund is a platform where users can submit ideas to create a business. The crowd funds those ideas. Banana Fund builds & runs every idea on behalf of both the entrepreneur and the crowd backers. We do all the work, per your instructions!

2. Banana Fund is a crowd funding and trading platform, where users back projects in return for a stake in those individual businesses. Buy/Sell your positions for Bitcoin in real-time via our online marketplace.


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