My Paying Ads/MPCA

MPA/MPCA will raise the funds necessary to returned the members seed money as well bring the rev share program again

Stage 1:
Refund all purchases made from payment processor from May 10th to May 15th 2017 back to members processors

Cancel all withdrawals up to and including 9th May 2017 . Withdrawal amounts returned to member earning balances

Time frame: Proceeding now

Stage 2:
Open MPA and MPCA Traffic Exchange Sites

Time frame: Within 7 days

Stage 3: 

Open the new product platforms, CC,
Local Business Directory Listing
Time frame: Within 14 days(CC)
to 8 weeks(Local Business Directory Listing)

Stage 4: 

Return 'Seed Money' – Total Processor Purchases minus Total Withdrawals
Time frame: Begin within 3 months,
based on profit generated from the new products and partner programs

Members DO NOT to send in support tickets for Seed Money until further notice

The post below was when i started with mypayingads when it does not have a big problem!!!

My Paying Ads is a viral advertising site which delivers very high quality Pro traffic within short span of your advertisement placed. Are you an online entrepreneur looking for leads and/or sales for your programs or products? Look no further, My Paying Ads is the solution! It also offers revenue sharing on ad pack purchases which brings two-fold benefit to you. The ad pack plans are prepared so thoughtfully in view of long term stability to the site with continuous and progressive earnings to its members. They are sure to bring success. Do not miss the high quality traffic and residual earnings that this site can offer. Sign up and start using its services.

My Experience with  

It all started when revenue sharing programs were very popular about last year. The concept of revenue sharing programs where every online money maker would agree was that the idea of advertising and at the same time earning with also a big potential to have referrals. A lot of online money makers were attracted to this concept of programs. Some say its a hyip, its investment but any name you call it big number of members registered. The most popular was traffic monsoon and others follow like mypayingads, trafficnetworktakeover, and many other site but all this programs have developed problems. TrafficMonsoon who was the biggest of all was on hold by paypal that stop the program until now,  trafficnetworktakeover was bankrupt probably as the effect of what happened to trafficmonsoon and mypayingads was not spared, paypal also freeze the program but it was able to recover until now which had been in good standing as a revshare program and it is on its 2nd year. 

So i was with mypayingads when its account was frozen last year but when it had recovered and renewed his site i was enthusiastic to participate with the program.  Hand in hand with the program was its new site mypayingcryptoads was opened and its running now without a problem. 

Summing up the in and outs of my transactions with mypayingads at this 2nd Year;

 I am conservative when it comes to new programs it means i do participate but on the minimal input and if its possible to use any earnings within the program that is what i am doing.  But based on programs that are lasting and worthy i raised up my inputs. 

 Money Input for 2016 ; 
        March 18  2016 - June 06, 2016      --------  56.50
         June 12             - July 22                  -------  45.00 
         July 25                                              -------  10.50
        July 27, 2016  -  August 25              --------   50.00       
         Aug 29            - Nov 24                     -------  66.50
        Nov 26           - Dec 17                        ------- 50.00 
         Dec 19           - Jan 2                        --------  50.00
        Jan 4             - Feb 8                        -  ------- 50.00
                                                                _____________    378.50
          Actual cash input ;                                                                 120.25

          Pay with earnings from the program ;                                   258.25

Total Cashouts up to February 16 ................................................   130.90  

    February 23 payment of MPA ..............................  total to date 135.90 


 Summing up of the transactions with mypayingads which will be two (2) years coming April to this date feb 27, 2017  .. I earn only earn about $15 and the ads that was placed. 
So now the target is to raise the earnings .. 


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